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Past Life Distant Healing Session

50 GBP / In stock.
Do you seem to be attracting the same old patterns time and time again in your life?

No matter what you do are there certain blocks that are not shifting?

It could mean that you have something from a past life that has caused a circle of events that reoccur in every life afterwards.

With a distant past-life healing session,  I send distant Master Reiki energy back in time over past lives to heal the blocks from the root cause, when they began, clearing them once and for all so that you can move forward. I pick up visions from past lives and the reason why they are affecting you now. 

We arrange a time for me to send your healing and I will email you or message you before I start. I will then email you a full typed report of my findings complete with accounts of past-life visions. Please see the important note below. 


I had a past life healing distant healing with Jan. She was amazing! A lot of it made sense to me because of what was happening to me in this life. I would recommend anyone to get Jan to do this healing.  Eileen (Ireland)


If you are unsure whether this type of healing would benefit you, please contact me at and I will intuitively advise you. I have a strong work ethic and would never offer healing to anyone if it was not needed for their highest good. Alternative types of healing may be offered instead. 

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Love Jan xxx