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Balancing & Calming Set

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Balancing & Calming Crystal Set

Perfect for hyperactive kids, kids with ADHD, or kids that just don't seem to fit in with their peers; they may be a bit sensitive and want to spend time on their own all the time. 

These children are often really spiritual and respond well to the balancing and calming energy of crystals.

Pop them under their pillow every night in their little bag to balance and calm them. 


Use for yourself if you're having an emotional or stressful time.

Set contains:
- Clear Quartz - to regulate energy
- Rose Quartz - the stone of infinite peace & love 
- Blue Lace Agate - to cool & calm 
- Smokey Quartz - to ground and de-stress

I will infuse them with Master Reiki energy as well. 

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